the artistic heart! 

Our goal is to give the artists a safe and encouraging space to grow in their craft and in community. The Bridge will give artists a place to come together, create and shine their light, bringing hope to a world that is in desperate need of it.

The Bridge will host online and pop up events in the Netherlands and around the globe. With classes, workshops and conferences all designed to help artists find and EMPOWER their voice; ENGAGING them in their gifts, talents and abilities. ENCOURAGING them to bring their most creative self into the world; Helping them to embrace their artistry, and in so doing, going out and changing world around them!

Our POP-UP Events will be created for the specific community of artists we are working with in that region; Encouraging their hearts and minds while working on their craft, creating a community of artists- a NETWORK if you will, to be a part of. A portion of every event will involve opening the doors to the community, letting the world experience our work and building an audience for that work.

Stichting Allegro Arts Network • RSIN: 854639809 • KvK: 62084976

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