Board Minutes (October 28, 2020)

Allegro Arts Network Special Board Meeting
Held 28 October, 2020 on Zoom
Present: Bob Brussel, Mirjam Jackson, Brenda Lillie, Jackee Raught
Absent: Jan Barendse Jr, Judy Mensch

Actions taken:
1. Brenda Lillie, Mirjam Jackson and Bob Brussel were elected as new board members (Judy Mensch voted by proxy).
2. The resignations of Judy Mensch and Jan Barendse Jr. from the board were accepted.
3. The resignation of Jackee Raught as secretary/treasurer as of 31 December 2020 was accepted.
4. Brenda Lillie was elected President effective immediately and Mirjam Jackson was elected as secretary/treasurer effective 1 January 2021.
5. The new address of the stichting will be: Zwartemeer 35, 1509 JV Zaandam, Phone: 062.854.9755.
6. The Bridge Artistic Network was approved to be added to the stichting.
7. A decision about the date of the annual board meeting to be held in January was deferred until December.

General discussion and information:
The ABN account balance is currently 1698.22€. The only ongoing costs for now are the monthly bank fees which will be about 12€ a month.
Jackee will update the KvK with the new address and board members, and add Mirjam to the ABN account.

The KvK does not require us to file annual reports. It’s only necessary to have the annual report including financial accounting posted on the AAN website by the end of January for the previous year.

Doug Raught will continue to maintain the website.

Reminder that all organizations partnering with or coming under Allegro Arts’ umbrella must run their finances through Allegro Arts and give an annual financial accounting. The expenses the stichting incurs is to be equally shared by each organization.